Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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My first comic, "The Worst Curse" is now funded through Patreon! 


Free Art Raffle for my new Patreon Free Art Rewards Program! (ENDED!)

Heya fuzzbutts, scalietails, featherrears, and finfannies! =3

So I wanted to let you know that I have added FOUR new pledge reward levels to my Patreon!

Stickerdoodle - Get a new Sticker and a Doodle mailed to you for $20! Stickers and Doodles will vary in size but fit inside a standard mailing envelope. Doodles will be unique artwork influenced by the patron. Stickerdoodle pledge level includes the $1, $5, and $10 rewards!

Pencil Drawing - $50 and includes the $1, $5, $10, and Stickerdoodle rewards!

Watercolor - $100 and includes the $1, $5, $10, and Stickerdoodle rewards!

Digital Color - $100 and includes the $1, $5, $10, and Stickerdoodle rewards!


~ Pledge a total of $100 and get a free pencil sketch ~ OR ~ pledge a total of $200 and get a free digital color or watercolor!

~ Patrons who refer a new patron get to share a free 2-character sketch when your combined pledges reach $100!

Patreon members can receive discounts on commissions, YCH's, and sales!
No paywalls! ~ Voting and creative input! ~ Monthly Zip files!
5%+ donated to charities chosen by patrons!

If you have a moment, check out for all the details!

So thanks for reading this far! To show my gratitude and appreciation, just reply with the word "Stickerdoodle" on any or all of the websites listed below to be entered in for a free sketch raffle! No extra sharing of this announcement needs to be done!

However, I sure would appreciate a little word-of-muzzle! Please consider sharing this post, or at any of these links below <3 <3 <3

Main site -

FurAffinity -

FurryNetwork -

SoFurry -

Weasyl -

InkBunny -

Twitter -

Facebook -

Tumblr -

Google+ -

Now for the nitty gritty rules:

What You Can Win

One Free Pencil Drawing from me (valued at $50 according to of a single character with minimal background, any rating.

How To Enter

Reply to the comment on any of the links listed above with the word "Stickerdoodle". You will receive a number for each website you respond to. Entries will be compiled onto a master list hosted at

Extra entries will NOT be given from making journals or sharing links to promote this raffle so that it does not violate the website's terms of use. Making journals or sharing links to promote this raffle is greatly appreciated, but not required.

Rules + Things To Note

- You MUST be subscribed/watching me at the site/s you respond to. I will check for suspicious duplicate/alternate accounts made to increase chances of winning. Accounts found to be in violation will be reported and shunned. (Shunnnnnn-nuh!)

- If you have a question, I prefer you ask after you enter "Stickerdoodle" so others can see it on the site; but feel free to PM me or email

- I will let the winner know if I'm not comfortable drawing a specific subject (e.g. gore, scat, toddler sex).

- The raffle is being held across multiple sites (listed above), the main host site being

- Numbers given out will be unique and not repeated from site to site.

- The drawing is estimated to be completed by May 2017 or sooner. Winner will pay shipping if they want the original artwork.

- Chances of winning will be dependent on the number of entrants.

- No purchase, payment, or posting is required to enter, nor will a purchase of any kind increase the chance of winning.

- Though I did my research as best as I could, if I am in violation of any site rules I will gladly amend the rules in compliance.

This raffle will end Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 at 8:00pm in Washington state, USA, PDT. (You can check your local times with )

I will use to input the number of entries to select the number of the winner. The winner will be contacted through PM on the website that they entered on. I will announce the winner to all my websites and post a screenshot and video from to my website,

Good luck to everyone and thanks again for any time and consideration given to this project and my Patreon!




Congratulations to Sangie! You won!
Thank you to everyone who entered!
Thank you thank you thank you! <3

Video URL:                  



1) Pegalis
2) Yeno
3) Appledoze
4) Serfent
5) LoboDiablo
6) Humanoreo
7) Foxyzen
8) Myaddib
9) Shysheri
10) Mastermalachai
11) Sureliaaries
12) Ssrrttett
13) Wolf281
14) Raseren

15) Pegalis

16) Get_Bendt

17) D'cheat
18) Sphelx

19) Pegalis
20) IanOoter
21) LoboDiablo
22) Maho
23) Sangie
24) FoxyZen
25) MystBunny
26) CookieFoxBrandon

27) PlurWolfy
28) Get_Bendt
29) LoboDiablo95

30) James Woods
31) Sheri Lane


32) Pegalis

Want a nerdy batboy on your chest?

This can't happen...yet!
Go to the link to sign up and make this shirt a reality! I need 36 people interested to make this happen!

If I can get 20 orders then the shirts are good to go!
All those who pre-order and pre-pay (when available) will get a FREE "Nerd Love" sticker of the t-shirt design!

Thank you so much for everything! You all are wonderful and I can't say it enough!

My no pay-wall Patreon:
Thank you for your time and consideration!


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