Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Commission Information and ToS


I am an extremely meticulous artist and have several projects I am working on.  Commissions are on a first come, first served basis; however some times I just need to give one a break and work on another. If I post work that is not yours that does not mean that I am not working on your commission.

Depending on the complexity of work commissioned it may take anywhere from 1 week to over a year to complete. Every time I work on your piece I will update you with hi-res png progress files.

I’ll draw anything and everything, no matter what the subject is, from G rated to XXX.  I do not get offended in any way, shape or form, and if somehow I do, I'll let you know; but never feel embarrassed by what you'd like to request.  However, I absolutely won’t do mutilation, guts, scat, or sex-related baby/infant stuff (younger characters are fine). Here's what I just require from you...

You tell me what you want in detail. Any bit of info you can give me, no matter how trivial or minute, is always appreciated. I can never stress enough that the more detail I have, the better things will be.

I’ll then do a pencil sketch and send you the prototype. You tell me yay or nay and we work together to continue onward.

I archive photos and scans of textures and backgrounds as well as animals of every type to use as reference for my artwork. I do my best to make it as real as you want it to be, including the use of live models.


I have you send me the payment by Paypal or money order (that way if it is lost, it's traceable). I prefer two payments: 50% at the start, then 50% at completion. I will not mind if you prefer to pay the whole amount at the start either. On occasion I will work out a payment plan depending on the circumstances.

Shipping of the original and completed works is not included in the cost of the commission. If you wish to have these items shipped to you, just let me know and I will calculate shipping charges for you.

I do not accept pre-payment to hold a commission spot.


I will send you the digital file at original size as a png or tiff, plus any web versions as a png.

If you request, I will send you the original and/or a print on glossy photo paper in a thick envelope padded with bubble wrap through certified mail. However you must pay for shipping and the cost of the print. Sorry but ink, packaging, and shipping is expensive. I live in Washington, USA, so if you are from somewhere outside the United States you will need to pay for international shipping, too.

My prices do not remain stationary over time. What I quote you now will be the set price and will not change, but if you ask to commission me again some time later the prices may be higher.


In order to keep commission costs down, I ask that I can post the artwork to my websites and social media, put it onto a future art cds, make prints to sell, and/or other business endeavors. I will not publicly post any in-progress or completed work before you have your commission finished unless you give me permission to do so. The only exception to this is to my Patreon website. However, if you are ok with some of these, but not all, just let me know. It’s ok and understandable.

I’ve run into several occasions where a commissioner wants the art to be private and personal. I understand this, but the cause and effect to me is that it lowers my enthusiasm for the commission. I have a hard time working on it because to me, no one else is going to see it, I can’t share it with anyone. It gains me very little motivation. Even though it’s someone else’s idea and characters, it’s something that I worked hard on. Basically it’s just something we’ll have to discuss and work out. In understanding this, your commission cost will be higher.

What I do not ask for is the right to use your character in additional or future projects and artwork without your permission. You character is yours forever, and no one should have any right to disrespect that.

If the picture is adult in nature and I don't know you, I need you to email me some sort of proof that you are of legal age in the state/country you live in to pay for such artwork. Whether it’s a written document saying you are legal to do so, a scan of your identification, some sort of statement that makes me sure that I won’t get into some sort of trouble.

If there isn't something I have covered, please let me know.
You can email me at grrrwolf6d9 [at] with your commission related questions and feedback, but don’t forget to put the name and the word “commission” in the subject header. =3 

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope to hear back from you. I look forward to bringing your ideas to life!



(Updated August 31st, 2021)

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